What Is the Best Online Marketing Guide For Shower Faucets

Online Marketing

Online marketing refers to any effort to spread a message about a brand, services, or product to potential customers by leveraging web-based channels. Online marketing aims to reach potential customers through online platforms where they spend most of their time socializing, shopping, and reading.

The techniques and strategies used include search engine optimization, social media, emails, display advertising, and Google AdWords. If you’re looking to make huge shower faucet sales, these techniques are critical.

Using online channels for marketing Duscharmatur allows you to measure the impact of any channels and how customers interact with a landing page experience or website.

Follow this article to learn more about the best online marketing guide for shower faucets.

Online Marketing

1. Define your buyer persona.

For your shower faucet online marketing strategy to be successful, you need to determine first who you’re selling to. Best online marketing techniques are built upon detailed personas, and hence you need to create them.

The persona buyers represent your potential customers, and you can create them through interviewing, surveying, and researching the target audience for your business. You should do this based on accurate data since making assumptions can make your business strategy fail.

The easiest way to build your buyer personas is by organizing your audience in segments. Here are some tips and tricks you can tailor to your shower faucets business.
Quantitative and Demographic Information

• Age

Depending on your business, information on age may be relevant or irrelevant.

You can quickly gather this information by identifying trends in the contact database.

• Location

Web analytic tools can help you to identify the location in which your website traffic is originating easily.

• Job title

This is most relevant is for B2B companies. You can get a rough idea of this from your existing database.

• Income

This is very hard to obtain since people don’t like sharing sensitive information on social media platforms. You can get information on personal income through research interviews.
Qualitative and Psychographic Information

• Interests/ Hobbies

Put out polls to learn your customers’ hobbies together with those of your target audience. This helps produce audience-driven content to promote your shower faucet business.

• Challenges

Determine the challenges facing your target audience by speaking to customers and customer-facing employees such as sales and customer service representatives.

• Goals

You can easily determine the goals of your target audience by evaluating the challenge you’re looking to solve through your services or products. You can further choose this by speaking to internal sales & services representatives or actual customers.

• Priorities

Reach out to your customers and establish what’s their priority based on your business. Knowing your audience values good customer services over competitive prices can be valuable for a shower faucet business.

Using all these details can help you build a buyer persona that is accurate and can help your business.

2. Identifying your goals and the marketing tools you’ll use

The marketing goal should always be related to the business goals. For example, if your business goal is to improve the shower faucet revenue by 30%, your marketing goal should be aimed to generate more leads than the previous year with a final goal of increasing sales.

Regardless of your online marketing goal, measuring the success of your strategy as you progress is crucial. Using the right online marketing tools is vital. For example, the Reporting Dashboard feature in HubSpot helps bring all your marketing and sale data in a single place. This enables you to quickly determine what works for you and where you need to make improvements.

3. Evaluate your digital channels.

Evaluating your existing digital channels helps you determine what more channels to incorporate in your strategy. Putting your online marketing goal in the picture allows you not to feel confused or overwhelmed.

Gather and categorize all channels and assets you have in a spreadsheet to have a clear picture of your existing earned, paid, and owned media.
Earned, Paid, Owned Media Framework

Categorize the digital channels, assets, and vehicles you’re already using to determine what will suit your strategy effectively.

• Owned Media

These refer to channels that your company owns and over which you have control over. These include social media profiles, imagery, blog content, and website.

The role of owned media is to build a longer-term relationship with existing and potential customers. This media is beneficial in that you have control, is cost-efficient, and versatile. The main challenges include no guarantees, most customers don’t trust company communication, and it takes time to scale.

Owned media is used to sustain paid media

• Paid media

These include all channels you spend your money in to capture the attention of your potential customers. Examples of paid media are paid social media posts, sponsored posts on other websites/ native advertising, and Google AdWords, among other media you pay in exchange for increased visibility.

The main benefits of paid media include immediacy, control of the message, and scale. The challenges you may face when using this media include poor credibility, clutter, and declining response rates.

Paid media is mainly used to jump-start owned media.

• Earned Media

Earned media is the recognition you earn from efforts such as content distribution to other websites as guest posts, customer service you have delivered, or PR work.

This also includes the engagement or conversation you get from publicizing your owned media.

The benefits of earned media are it’s the most credible media, has an increased role in most sales, is cost-efficient, is most transparent, and versatile. The main challenges you can encounter from earned media include being hard to measure, taking time to scale, and having little or no control.

Incorporating all these media will leave you in a better position to achieve your online marketing goals.

Here is an example of how to achieve this when marketing a shower faucet:

Create an owned piece of content on the landing page of your website to generate leads (owned media). To increase the number of leads, distribute this content in your social media profiles and make the content shareable.

This will lead to increased traffic on the landing page of your website (earned media).

To improve the success of your content, post about your content on your Facebook page or Instagram page and pay to make it visible to more people in your target audience.

That’s how these media work when incorporated. However, it’s not always necessary to use all three media for your online marketing. For example, if your owned and earned media successfully achieves your online marketing goal, you don’t need to use paid media.

Evaluate the best solution to help you meet your goal and incorporate it into your online marketing strategy.

4. Audit and plan owned media campaigns.

Owned media is always a must with any business marketing strategy simply because almost every message about your brand, product, or service can be classified as content.

This can be blog posts, social media posts, podcasts, product descriptions, and the About Us site page.

Content is king, and good content is irresistible. It helps you convert visitors to your website into leads and customers while at the same time creating brand awareness. Optimizing your content for SEO helps boost search and organic traffic.

The first thing is to decide what content to incorporate into your website. Select content that will help you reach your online marketing goals.

Here is a guide on how to determine owned content that will help you reach your online marketing goal:

• Audit existing owned content

List all your owned content and rank from best performing to the least performing. This helps you plan your future content as you’ll figure out what is working and what isn’t working for you.

• Identify gaps in your owned content

Identify gaps in your existing content based on your target audience. Through research, determine what shower faucet content converts well when placed on landing pages of other websites that you haven’t covered. Examples are factors to consider when buying a shower faucet or DIY shower faucet installation.

• Create a content creation plan

Depending on your research, findings, and gaps, outline the content creation plan to help you achieve your online marketing goal.

Ensure to include the goal, title, format, priority level of content, and promotional channels you’ll use. When doing this, don’t leave timelines and your budget if you plan to outsource the content creation.

Online Marketing

5. Audit and plan earned media campaigns

Establish where to focus your time by comparing your previous earned media against your current goals. Rank your earned media source depending on their level of effectiveness.

This helps you understand which earned media channel/media/asset will help you reach your goal. Several traffic analytic tools can help you evaluate this effortlessly.

6. Audit and plan paid media campaigns

This process is like that of earned media. Evaluate your paid media across each platform and establish which will help you achieve your current online marketing goal. If any of the platforms you have spent money on don’t bring in results, refine it or entirely scrap it and focus on another. For example, if you’re using AdWords and it isn’t bringing results, move to a promising platform.

7. Bring your digital marketing campaign together

Solidify your plan and have a clear vision of what to use in online marketing for your shower faucet business.

Create a cohesive online marketing strategy document. You should include:

• A clear profile of your target audience

• Specific goals for your online marketing strategy

• A highlight of your existing paid, earned, and owned media

• A wish list and a content plan


Hopefully, you have a clearer understanding of the best online marketing guide for a shower faucet. For an online marketing guide to be successful, it must cover the information on potential audience, online marketing goals, and existing digital channels and assets. Measuring your success as you progress is essential as it helps you determine where to improve.

Green Bomber Jacket Men’s Online Marketing and Sales 

Starting an e-commerce business seems simple until you devise methods to promote your products and beat your competition. The task is even more challenging when you are in a competitive industry, like fashion, and dealing with products found in almost every fashion house, like green bomber jacket mens collections.


So, how do you break the green bomber jacket men’s online marketing and sales trivia? The answer lies in the product presentation to your potential buyers and how extensive the reach is. Below are a few pointers for managing your online marketing and sales more effectively when dealing with a competitive fashion field.


Tips to help with your online marketing


By when you define online business, you must have established a website to work with. This forefront represents you and offers a place to interact with the society you are looking to sell to. So, how do you capitalize on your website?


1. Get a high-quality website


Your website is the tool you use to mark your place in the digital market. With every effort you put into making your website more effective and convenient for your users, you get more organic traffic. And remember, the more people visit your website, the more likely you will turn leads into sales. So, it would help if you had all the insights you need about creating a good website that attracts people and makes them visit again.


What marks a good website?


Web design knowledge goes a long way into improving your chances of breaking the market. With a shabby website, where users are redirected with every click they make, you will most likely lose them after a minute of surfing your store. On the other hand, if the information is available for viewing in simple steps, has an excellent interface, and is beautiful, people are likely to spend more time on your page.


Some other features you can use to boost your web performance for your online marketing and sales include:


  1. Photography


You should use professional images to represent your products. A well short green bomber jacket for men is better looking than one shot in poor lighting. And if you need people in the industry to trust your products, your imagery should reflect on your professionalism. And you can only achieve this by taking high-quality photos to represent your brand identity.


  1. Content


Many people neglect the copywriting aspect of their website. Despite a picture being worth a thousand words, some clients will want more information on the type of products you are selling. However, you cannot represent some things like size, materials, and features in the photo. You will need a short description to tell your potential customers all about the product. And this is where you can set yourself apart from your competition.


  1. Use SEO Knowledge to boost your rankings


Almost 30% of the searches end up on the first link on the result pages on the internet. Few proceed to check out the second link, and the numbers continue to drop drastically the further down you go. So, you can only stand a chance to break the market if you focus on making your website recognized by Google’s algorithms in search engine result pages, and this only happens when you employ the best SEO techniques.


online marketing


2. Use your local and social presence


Online marketing does not stop at your website. On the other hand, it is extensive on other social media platforms. Here, you want to make sure that anyone who missed your ads on Facebook finds them on Instagram, and if all that fails, YouTube works well too. These forms of digital advertising help reach more people and create brand awareness, which is suitable for your products.


You can build custom ads, post them on your social media platforms, and ask your friends and family to share. Alternatively, you can use paid social advertising for better marketing.


3. Focus on building your brand


There’s a reason why people don’t doubt the quality of clothes from Prada, Gucci, or Chanel. These are known brands that have time to develop and build. So, if you want to compete in the industry, the least you can do is create a brand, from the initial idea to the design and quality of products. Make your logo stand out, your designs unique, and if you are a distributor, make sure your customer service stands out.


4. Partner with a manufacturer


Maybe, you are venturing into the fashion industry to sell clothes and not make them. If that is the case, then a partnership with a manufacturer will help take care of production. Say, for instance, you want to boost your green bomber jacket men’s collection, and you do not have your line, then you can look for local or overseas manufacturers to help you stock your store and offer variety to your online market.


Final thoughts


Fashion is a competitive industry. It takes effort to break the market, and when you are dealing with all-time favorite products like green bomber jackets men’s collections, you can easily make sales. However, you need to do your part, which boils down to how well you present your products to the customers. Follow the pointers above, and see your online marketing and sales showing results in no time.

Marketing Guidelines for Apple Watch Bands

Best Online Marketing Guidelines for Apple Watch Bands

Apple Watch bands have become a big hit in the market. The best part about these watches is that they are not only stylish but also very useful and functional as well. These smartwatches come with all sorts of features like GPS, heart rate monitor, pedometer, etc. While these watches are great options, the competition among them has been fierce. As an online apple watch band entrepreneur, you need to be aware of the best online marketing tips so that your business can grow at its peak. Here we will discuss some critical aspects which every online apple watch band seller should know before starting their venture:

1) Offer Discounts to Promote Sales

Offering discounts is an excellent strategy to increase sales. Given that customers now shop online, offering discount codes helps you reach out to potential clients easily. However, you must provide limited offers only once in a while; otherwise, it could backfire. Offers should be targeted towards specific users based on age group, gender, location, etc. For apple watch bands, for example, offers could be made available for men aged between 25–35 years old. Similarly, women aged above 35 years old could get free shipping deals. You can find great discounts at https://www.cxsbands.com/ that help you save up to 70% off!

Also, offering promotional offers to frequent visitors helps you build up good relations with them. Once they start trusting you, they will visit your store frequently. Thus, you get regular traffic to your site/app. However, remember that you cannot overdo things here. People hate being sold to, and hence, you must avoid spamming them. Instead, try to send personalized emails based on user preferences.

2) Focus on Customer Service & Support

Customers often complain about poor customer support. They feel cheated by sellers who take advantage of them while offering nothing in return. Therefore, it’s essential to provide excellent customer support through live chat, email, phone calls, etc. Apart from this, you must also respond quickly to queries raised by users. It shows that you really care about your clients, and thus, they will continue coming back to you.

This aspect also relates to creating a good user experience. A good UX ensures that people can find what they need easily. This includes easy navigation, clear product descriptions, intuitive search options, etc. You must ensure that all these features work well so that users don’t face any problems when shopping. Also, keep an eye on mobile compatibility issues. If possible, test everything before launching it.

Marketing Guidelines for Apple Watch Bands

3) Choose Your Target Market Wisely

Before launching any new product or service, it’s always advisable to choose your target audience wisely. You must understand who exactly would buy your products and what kind of problems do they face? This way, you can design your products accordingly. For example, if you have Apple Watch bands, you might consider selling them on Amazon because people there love buying gadgets related to health. If you want to make money from selling accessories such as iPhone cases, you may go ahead with this idea.

4) Create a Unique Selling Proposition

A unique selling proposition is something special about your brand or product which makes it stand out. In other words, this is how you differentiate yourself from competitors. So when designing your website or app, think about creating a unique feature that sets you apart from the rest of the crowd. Make sure you highlight this aspect prominently on your site/app. Also, keep in mind that customers don’t care much about technical details; instead, they look forward to getting value for their hard-earned money. Hence, focus more on providing quality services rather than just focusing on making profits.

5) Be Consistent With Quality And Timing Of Deliveries

It’s one thing to promise delivery within 24 hours but another to deliver it on time. Customers expect timely deliveries, and hence, you must ensure that you meet deadlines without fail. Proper timing is about delivering goods at the right times. It means that you must plan your shipments according to demand patterns. Moreover, you must avoid sending orders during holidays and weekends since most buyers prefer ordering things during weekdays. Furthermore, you must provide high-quality products too. Otherwise, no customer will trust you again.


Apple watches have become one of the most sought-after products today. The demand has increased tremendously due to their sleek design and high-end technology. To stay ahead of the competition, you must follow some best practices mentioned above. With these tips, you can surely boost your business growth and earn more profits.

Wikipedia as a Printed Book

I am sure you are all aware of Wikipedia, and probably use it on a regular basis, but have you ever considered how big this resource actually is? At the moment there are around 3,887,569 articles, this is equivalent to 1,638.6 volumes of the Encyclopædia Britannica. So what if you were to print this and make it in to a physical product?

This is exactly what student Rob Matthews has done, well 0.01% of it anyway, the results of this can be seen below.

This book has more than 5000 pages and contains 400+ of the features articles from Wikipedia. As the pictures show, this book is massive! 1ft 7inches high in fact.

Great effort Rob, although you could have maybe done with cleaning your trainers before taking this pic!

Karol Marketing and Brandnew Join Forces

Two North East based creative agencies have formed a strategic partnership in order to strengthen their client offering.

Award winning PR and Marketing agency, Karol Marketing Group along with graphic design and brand identity specialists, Brand New Ideas are to forge a new partnership. The move seeks to provide full service communication solutions to clients who are looking to rebrand as well as embark on a communications campaign. In this way clients will be able to get the benefit of design, website building as well as marketing communication strategy.

By forming a partial merger the two companies will work as BrandNewKarol when working on joint clients and will remain as Karol Marketing Group and Brand New on their individual clients keeping the rest of their business separate but forming a symbiotic relationship between the two companies. Both teams are now based at Karol Marketing’s iconic offices, the Old Pub in the Ouseburn valley.

Established in 1992 by Stefan Lepkowski, Karol Marketing Group has a diverse portfolio of both business to business and consumer clients across a range of sectors. Karol Marketing Group is a multi award winning PR, marketing and communications consultancy and remains the most awarded PR agency in the North East with accolades including five times winner of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations’ PR Consultancy Team of the year.

Steve Darke and Paul Scott formed Brand New in 2010 after restructuring their previous business, Somethinkelse (where Stefan Lepkowski was also a Director) and it has not taken long for the teams to join forces once again. Brand New have extensive experience in branding and all aspects of design work, in particular in store branding and marketing in the retail sectors.

BrandNewKarol have already been out pitching for new business and recently won their first piece of joint work providing the branding, website development, marketing and communications for the new Toffee Factory building on the Ouseburn Quayside which is due to open at Christmas.

Stefan Lepkowski, Managing Director and founder of Karol Marketing Group said, “We have been in discussion with Brand New for a while now and it is really exciting to be returning to partnership with the team having worked so well together in the past. By forming a strategic partnership we have really strengthened what we can offer to our clients, by bringing together the expertise of both companies we can meet the needs of businesses across the North East and beyond. Karol Marketing have always had an in house design resource but this partnership shows our desire to form relationships with aligned businesses who are acknowledged as leaders in their field, a concept carried across to BrandNewKarol as proven with the close association to companies such as Mere Mortals and Launch Pad Market Research.”

“It is fantastic that we have just won our first joint contract and with a few more in the pipeline we look forward to celebrating many more successes along the way.”

Paul Scott, Director of Brand New added: “Joining the two companies in this way works extremely well for our client base allowing BrandNewKarol to offer a full branding and communication service to those clients who need this package of work while allowing both companies to continue to work separately on other projects without competing. Steve and I have worked with Stefan for years now and it is great to be back in partnership again…watch this space!”